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Parish income continues
 to grow

Calendar 2014 was a further year of income growth for St Stephen’s Anglican Church, with total income up by 1.0 percent from $374,402 in 2013 to $378,221.

Pencil Sketch of St StephensWhilst our regular contributions were down 6% to $282,299, our Gifts and Non-recurring Donations, which includes our Endowment Fund, was up 69% from $19,694 in 2013 to $33,264. In addition our
Tied & Designated Gifts, which includes the Building Fund, was up 37% from $19,694 to $33,264 in 2014. In fact the Building Fund reached a total of $43,584 by the end of the year, well on our way to our goal of $100,000.

Other income from Ceremonies i.e. baptisms, weddings & funerals was up 41% to $10,150, whilst Earnings & Interest from our investments was down 11% to $18,202 reflecting the change in the markets towards the end of the year.

As for our expenditure the figures are skewed somewhat by the completion and payment for the new office above the kitchen. We had a total expenditure for Buildings and Grounds Maintenance of $116,071, which included $106,482 for the office building and the new patio doors in the Cadwallader Room. If you remove these one off items then our expenditure for general maintenance is very similar to last year at $9,590.

Administrative costs declined slightly from $51,334 in 2013 to $48,521, despite the acquisition of a new computer and IT equipment.

Personnel costs were up by 4% to $178,896 reflecting the change in personnel from the previous year.

Spending on the music program dropped by 20% to $19,10 and the running costs of the Church School were reduced by 54% to $1,115 reflecting the one-off purchase of the play area the previous year.

Banking and Finance was the same as the previous year at $25,692 a variance of -0.8%

Other notable variances included an increase in our Programs & Missions ($8,717), a decrease in our Sacristy & Altar supplies ($4,838) and an increase in our Tithe ($14,500).

Overall we had a loss of $46,438 on the year but bearing in mind this included the one-off payment for the office and patio doors of $116,071 our true position is one of a positive income similar to the previous year and bodes well for the future.

We hope that we will do as well in 2015. WILLIAM HAWKINS

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