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Good news on the financial front

Pencil Sketch of St StephensEconomics is aptly known as the ‘Dismal Science’. So much of it seems to involve unhappy predictions of doom and gloom. Thus it is comforting to report that the parish is weathering the current patch of appalling weather reasonably well.

Giving is down a bit, but over all it has held up rather better than in similar periods during previous years. This should not be interpreted as a cause for complacency. It is still important to keep up with your pledges as wind, rain, snow, sleet, and ice not only push up our utility bills, but can exact an expensive toll on the church fabric.

And it is particularly fortunate that giving has held up this year as we confronted with an unexpected expense of $4,000 plus to replace our ancient fire alarm system—the one that had been installed at the time the church was built. Let’s hope the new one lasts as long.

The really good news, however, is that our Building Fund is close to reaching its $100,000 goal. Currently it totals $85,443. This leaves only $14,557 to raise. Please consider giving if you haven’t done so already. William Hawkins

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