Oratio ad ordinandum diaconem

A Prayer for Those to be Ordered as Deacons

God willing, on Sunday, June 9th, St Stephen’s two postulants, Michael Belt and John Novicki, will be ordered as Deacons by The Rt. Rev. John Vaughan, at 4:30 PM. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and plan to attend the service if you can.

Exaudi, Domine, preces nostras, et super hunc famulum tuum N. spiritum tuae benedictionis emitte, ut caelesti munere ditatus, et tuae gratiam majestatis possit acquirere, et bene vivendi aliis exemplum praebere, per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Hear our prayers, O Lord, and upon these thy servants Michael and John, send forth the spirit of thy blessing; that endowed with thy heavenly office, they may both obtain favour with thy Majesty, and present to others the example of a good life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From The Benedictional of Archbishop Robert, edited by H. A. Wilson, M.A., Fellow of St Mary Magdalen College, Oxford. Henry Bradshaw Society, London, 1903. According to Wilson’s preface, “[t]he question [of ownership] has been the subject of a good deal of discussion. That the book was at some time the property of an Archbishop named Robert seems to be generally admitted; but there is a doubt whether the possessor was Robert of Jumièges, the Norman Archbishop of Canterbury, who was driven from his see in 1052 and died at Jumièges in 1070, or Robert of Normandy, Archbishop of Rouen from 990 to 1037.”

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