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Seasonal Finery

Isaac at Christmas Eve 2012

Isaac's Christmas Eve finery

Christmastide—including Epiphany—is one of my favorite seasons of the Church year. I benefit from the festivities by being the opportunity to put on my holiday finery. It all started about fifteen years ago, when one of the trebles in the choir suggested that I should be allowed to wear an elf hat for the Christmas midnight mass. Assent was given, and in fact the treble who suggested it made me the fine hat I have worn ever since. (It was refurbished a couple of years ago, but it has held up quite well.)

Isaac New Year's Eve 2012

Isaac's finery for New Year's Eve, 2012

Following this, the choir saw fit to deck me out in finery—but only on special occasions: Evensongs, Lessons & Carols services, and, of course, Christmas Eve. And it turns out that, at this time of year, I get to wear so many outfits in such a short time. For the New Year’s Eve midnight mass, I wear a party hat (black—so debonair), and a clock, representing the turning of the year. (The calendar year, as the Rector pointed out this morning. The Christian year began several weeks ago, on Advent I.)

Isaac Feast of the Circumcision 2013

Isaac's finery for the Feast of the Circumcision, 2013

I get a quick change for the New Year’s Day service, the Feast of the Circumcision (the Feast of the Holy Name, for the squeamish). I lose the hat, but keep the clock—which now signifies something completely different. (What? you may ask, as well you should. But I explained that last year.)

This coming Sunday, the Feast of the Epiphany, I wear a crown, just like the Magi. And not just a paper crown colored with crayons, like I did for the first couple of years, but a real crown—wif jools, as it were. I’ll post a picture next week, so be sure to come back for a look.

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