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Cookie Walk: A Brazen Appeal from the Eagle

Baskets of Greens

Baskets of greens are available at the Cookie Walk.

Of Course, while cookies may be the central ingredient, we also need your help in many other areas in order to make the Cookie Walk the success it has been in years past.

We need items for our children’s table and gift table, including ornaments and geegaws suitable to the season. So please hunt around for that special treasure given to you by Uncle Filbert that you have never used! Our children’s table offers modestly priced items suitable for the whole family, so the children can buy something for everyone on their list!

Baskets and Wreaths

Gift baskets and wreaths, available at the Cookie Walk, are the perfect hostess gift for the holidays.

We need greens—as many varieties as possible—especially magnolia, boxwood, fraser (and other) fir, hemlock, white pine, blue spruce, nandina, holly, variegated holly, cedars, berried juniper, etc., etc. Also on our list are pine cones (large and small), dried pods, and other dried items for our table arrangements and greens assortments. We can also use small baskets for our arrangements. Greens should be brought to the church on the weekend of November 24th/25th.

Another thing we will be needing very badly is HELP!!! We need folks on Tuesday, November 27th from 2:00 PM to set up the parish hall in readiness for the work days on Wednesday, November 28th, and Thursday, November 29th. These are the days when we need your help to make our table baskets, wreathes, and greens arrangements, meeting here at 10:00 AM ’till late.

St Stephen's Wild Rice and Bean Soup

Take a break from shopping at the Cookie Walk and sample St Stephen's Wild Rice and Bean soup at the Lobby display, and then buy a bag (or two or three).

We would also appreciate volunteers on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st—the big day—to help set up and take down and, of course, we need sales help on the day of the sale.

Last but very far from least, we need your custom—and that of your friends. Please come to the Cookie Walk and see the wonderful things we have for sale. And please spread the word among your friends. When they experience the Cookie Walk, they’ll thank you for it.

Please call the parish office at 410-560-6776, Donna Szper at 410-252-1499, Stephanie Verhage at 410-667-6730, or Anne Hawkins at 410-308-2771 to volunteer. Thanks awfully!

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