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Parish Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 17th

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Sunday, June 17th. Over the years, we’ve tried all manner of strategies to improve attendance at our annual meetings. We’ve even tried feeding you breakfast. The response has been underwhelming.

Thus we have decided to revert to the original annual meeting plan for Sunday, June 17th: the meeting will take place during the Coffee Hour between the 9:00 AM Sung Eucharist and the 11:15 AM Service of Morning Prayer. At the meeting, the clergy and vestry will report on the parish’s progress, discuss plans for the future, and answer parishioners questions.

We shall also be electing vestry members. This year the nominating committee has nominated Don Ruthig, J. Brice Richardson (whose terms expire this year) , and Severn Miller (to replace Allan Gushue). Herewith their biographies:

Don Ruthig, People’s Warden

Don retired a couple of years ago from a varied career that included 20 years managing information technology at the Los Angeles Times and Baltimore Sun, and several less stressful years managing a marina here in Baltimore. His spare time is spent creating sawdust in his basement shop, some of the results of which can be seen around St Stephen’s. For the past three years he has co–chaired the church Buildings and Grounds Committee with Martha Miller, and together they have been responsible for many repairs and upgrades to our church facilities. He has served on the vestry for the past year, filling the unexpired term of John Novicki.

J. Brice Richardson

Brice lives with his wife Reta in Reisterstown and has been an independent businessman for more that 30 years. He has been a member of the parish for 18 years and has served the church in several capacities for more than 15 years—including vestryman, member of the diocesan standing committee, and member of the national Executive Council. He was instrumental in starting the Tuesday morning Bible study and eating circle.

Severn Miller

Severn Miller was educated at Episcopal schools (St. Matthew’s Parish School, Pacific Palisades, CA; The Harvard School, Studio City, CA; and St. Albans School, Washington, DC) before being awarded a degree in English and American Literature from Brown University and a law degree from the Washington & Lee University School of Law, with several honors. Sev was in the private practice of law in Baltimore City until 2006, when he served as General Counsel to Bob Ehrlich’s reelection campaign. Sev was subsequently appointed by President Bush to be Chief Counsel to the Federal Transit Administration and is now a principal of and counsel to Spartan Solutions, LLC, which supports public infrastructure development. Sev is a member of the Society of the Cincinnati of Maryland, the Roland Run Club, and Sam’s Club. He and his wife Martha have three children: Sevvy, Natalie, and Emily.

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