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Congrats and thanks from Presiding Bishop

The Webmaster notes that he has been tardy in posting items from the Newsletter, and he apologises. He will work his way through the backlog over the next several days.

May 5th, 2012 — Dear Father Hawtin,

Please accept my sincere thanks for all you and St, Stephen’s did for the House of Bishops and Executive Council during our recent visit to Timonium.

Thanks are due to so many for making our visit pleasant and productive.

I have heard nothing but enthusiastic praise for the Consecration service. Much of this is
due to you expertise and the talent and ability of your outstanding organist.

I also commend Donna and Rosa [a.k.a. Trouble One & Trouble Two.] for their organizational work. I could use a good deal more of such “trouble” in the ACA!

Blessings to All


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