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St Stephen’s: A canine-friendly parish

If you’ve visited St Stephen’s with any regularity, you’ll have noticed that the parish is very canine–friendly. The Rector set the standard, and a number of parishioners have followed suit. Four–legged creatures make regular appearances at suppers and picnics, and even Evensong (although the aren’t allowed in the sanctuary for services).

The Garden Party will be positively crawling with canines. (Well, not really. We don’t want to scare off those of you who aren’t wild about dogs. All of the critters will be on leads and relatively well–behaved. If they aren’t, we’ll sic Isaac on them.) And we will have a number of guest dogs, courtesy of the Maryland Chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, who are regular guests of the Garden Party. If you’ve never met a greyhound in face–to–face, here’s your chance. And if you have any questions about greyhounds, you can check out the GPA website any time.

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