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Cookie Walk: Help wanted, no experience necessary

A brazen appeal from the Eagle

Our volunteer sheets are filling up, but there’s still room for your name. Our Cookie Walk has a faithful following from years past, and we hope to attract many more of our local neighbors to kick off the Christmas season at St Stephen’s.

cookie table

sooo many cookies …

We certainly don’t want to disappoint all those customers, so now it’s time to “get down to brass tacks” and pull it all together. For this we need your help! Don’t know how to make a centerpiece or decorate a wreath? What better time to learn than from our Parish pros? And our Cookie Walk work days are always infused with the holiday spirit, lots of laughter, and good old fashioned fellowship.

First and foremost, of course, are the cookies. With your help our tables will be sagging under the weight of tasty morsels of many varieties.

Remember, we have a lofty goal (and who knows about “lofty” better than an eagle?) of ten pounds of cookies from each parish family. Last year we had the best selection yet. So break out the sugar and flour, soften the butter, heat up the oven, and BAKE! Cookies may be dropped off at the church from Sunday, November 26th onwards right up to Cookie Walk day. A drop-off bin will be located outside the front door if no one is in the church.

We also need donations for our gift and children’s tables. We’re looking for new gift items—anything that would make a good Christmas gift for adults and children alike. There’s a table in the Parish Hall for your donations and items are being accepted right now!

And now is the perfect time to prune your trees and bushes while they are dormant. We’ve always relied on your generosity. We need boxwood, magnolia, all pine, cedar, and fir evergreens.

If cutting your greens is a problem, don’t worry. We’d be only too happy to cut them for you. Call the parish office at (410) 560-6776, and we’ll make arrangements. Greens can be dropped off at the back of the church from this point forward.

Finally, we need volunteers.

Here’s the Cookie Walk at a glance:

Nov 18 to Nov 27 Bring in greens
Nov 26 to Dec 2 Bake and bring in cookies
Nov 27 Parish Hall set up (9:00 AM—2:00 PM)
Nov 28 Wreaths and arrangements workshop (9:00 AM—2:00 PM)
Nov 29 Clean up/Decorating Parish Hall (9:00 AM—2:00 PM)
Nov 30 Finish decorating church (9:00 AM—2:00 PM)
Dec 1 Organize cookies/Finishing touches (9:00 AM—2:00 PM)

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