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Old memories awakened

Since I’m firmly anchored to my perch here at St Stephen’s, there isn’t much that goes on around here that I don’t notice.

Watching all the fun outside my window, I so much wanted to perch atop the Maypole at this year’s extraordinary Garden Party, and the sound of the “chomping of jaws” at the Summer Suppers has been almost deafening.

I overheard the Parish Life Committee’s treasurer saying that over $5,000 in profit would be achieved this year. Now that’s a lot of chomping!

You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to observe the recent ladies’ tea. What a joy to see many old friends who aren’t able to attend church on a regular basis. And now I hear that “A Cuppa and a Cookie” is to become a regular event.

Which brings me to the point of my ramblings. Just hearing the word “Cookie” reminds me of our Annual Cookie Walk: another signature event of the St. Stephen’s parish. While it’s still months away, like every year, it will be upon us before we can say Snickerdoodle.

One deadline is already looming large—submissions for our Healthy Body, Healthy Soul Cookbook are due by September 29th in order to be included in this year’s book. Further information is on our website and you can submit recipes to or drop them by the Parish Office.

Oh, and don’t worry about calculating the nutritional values of your recipes ,as Peter Threadgill will take on that onerous responsibility for you.

There’s also a new feature of the Cookie Walk that you can help with. Colby Hawks and Carolyn Kerouac will be making bows from men’s holiday neckties to be sold at the event. If you have some Christmas ties, or ties in the seasonal colors, that you would like to donate, please bring them to the church where there will a be a collection box. ISAAC

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