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The Latest COVID-19 Update

The latest notice from Fr Novicki on the parish’s response to COVID-19:

  • The Vestry meeting for March is cancelled.
  • I have received word the Garden Party has been cancelled. This was done at this juncture to give vendors adequate notice.
  • Unless the Governor decrees otherwise, there will be services on Sunday. Parishoners self isolated at this past Sunday’s services and minimal contact was made. Efforts have been made to clean “touchable” surfaces thank you Bill Spicer for assistaing with that. There will be no Sunday School.
  • We are putting a plan in motion to broadcast a service via the Internet. If all goes well, we should have that in place 29 March. I will look into other opportunities for online connection with our parishoners.
  • Clergy will be at Church Monday–Friday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM to answer calls and receive parishoners who want to come by for prayer/communion (reserve).
  • Tomorrow, there will be a grave side service for Herb Grimes.

Best Regards,

John+ (for Fr. Guy)

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