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April 9th Planning Meeting

The John F. Nicoll Pipe Band performs during the opening ceremonies of St Stephen's British Garden Party and Fête.

We hope you can join us on Tuesday, April 9th for the last Parish Life Committee Meeting prior to the Garden Party. Come and lend your valuable ideas and opinions at this your last chance before we finalize our plans.

We’re planning a festive day. We’ll have pipers and singers and Maypole dancers. Races and frolics for the kids. Lots to eat–from high tea to hot dogs. A load of jumble. Games of chance.

And, of course, King Henry VIII will be joining us along with his motley jester. But beware, the King’s goaler will looking for miscreants to put in the stocks.

There will be the grand opening of our new pub, The Barley Mow, serving ice cold frothy beverages. And much, much more.

We hope you will get involved by joining us on April 9th and lending your talents to making this the best Garden Party yet.

If you can’t make it to the meeting you can still help! Let us count the ways….

Garden Party maypole

Dancing the Maypole at St Stephen's British Garden Party and Fête

Americans call it White Elephant, the Brits call it Jumble. But whatever you call it, please rummage the corners of your closets for bric-a-brac, collectibles, books, DVDs, CDs, and oddities for our Jumble sale. But please no TVs or electronics. Tables are set up in the Parish Hall for your donations.

A new feature for this year will be a St Stephen’s craft table. There are lots of talented people at St Stephen’s creating all kinds of wonderful crafts. Here’s a chance to show off yours by offering some of your handmade items for sale.

We’ll need cakes and other baked goods for the cake table. This year we’ll be selling whole cakes, half cakes, and quarter cakes for families both large and small, as well as brownies and cookies. Goods should be delivered to the church on May 3rd.

Help us with our advertising. Information sheets for Garden Party Program adverts are in the back of the church. Help us by selling adverts to the local merchants and businesses you frequent.

Greyhound in a party hat

Greyhound Pets of America/Maryland are regular visitors to the British Garden Party and Fête

How about becoming a Patron of the Garden Party? Your name will be listed in the Garden Party programme acknowledging your generosity. There are several levels to choose from:

  • Imperial Crown – $100
  • House of Windsor – $75
  • House of York – $50
  • House of Lancaster – $30

Shortly we will have Garden Party posters to take to your grocery store, library, or any place else that has a bulletin board. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re available.

Finally, we need volunteers to work the day before and the day of the Garden Party. Sign-up sheets will be posted shortly in the vestibule. We hope you’ll contribute your time to help us set up and run this great event. You’ll be rewarded with lots of laughter and fellowship.

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