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Give us your time and we’ll give you supper

I suspected the Parish Life Committee had an ulterior motive when they recruited me as a member. Well, they’ve inveigled me into doing “write ups” for them in the newsletter. I must say I’m rather flattered. They obviously like my writing style. Anyway, here goes:

The summer is over and it’s time to get down to the business of planning the parish’s social program for the coming year. For that, we need as many brains on hand as possible. To that end, the Parish Life Committee is inviting everyone to its inaugural meeting for 2011/2012 at 6:00 PM in the Parish Hall on Tuesday, October 4th. That’s today, publication day. (Webmaster’s note: Despite the number of Whovians in the parish, we don’t have a TARDIS to travel back in time to deliver the Newsletter. Like any periodical you find at the grocery store, the Newsletter is distributed in advance of its official publication date. In fact, if you’ve contacted the treasurer to sign up to receive the Newsletter via email, you probably received this issue at the end of September. How’s that for a distortion of temporal reality? And now back to Isaac.)

No experience is needed, but everybody has talent—even if it is deeply hidden. As a reward for lending us your brainpower, we’ll give you supper. How about a hearty soup and the best bread in Baltimore? Knowing our culinary skills, surely that’s an offer it would be very difficult to refuse.

And while I am on the subject, our new Cookie Walk 2011 Cook Book is going to be an encyclopedia of beverages. Well, perhaps it is not going to be so much an encyclopedia, but more a comprehensive guide to the art of making and mixing beverages—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

This should be (apologies for my mixed metaphor) a piece of cake. Almost every family boasts a particular dynastic beverage—whether it be Auntie Vera’s Mint Tea or Uncle Cedric’s devastating Dry Martini. Thus we are calling for your recipes for punches, teas, shrubs, smoothies, malts, shakes, hot and cold drinks, and flavored alcoholic drinks. Anything you love that is potable.

Please bring your favorite recipes to church or email our editor Peter Threadgill (that’s the best way, actually) at Thanks. All recipes must be in no later than Sunday November 6th. Thanks for your help!

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