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Dr. Bob’s Place opens

Courtesy of Bea Kalina-Bursi:

The Joseph Richey Hospice has officially opened Dr. Bob’s Place, its new inpatient hospice facility for children. It is located at 838 N. Eutaw St, Baltimore, MD 21201, in downtown Baltimore, near the city’s pediatric academic medical centers, on bus and light rail lines.

Dr. Bob’s is the first facility of its kind in the country. Children between the ages of newborn and 18 with life–limiting illness as certified by a physician are eligible for placement at Dr. Bob’s. Call 410-523-1414 to make a referral.

Dr. Bob’s provides skilled inpatient care, a venue to simplify care so a child can be taken home, a place for respite, as well as palliative home care services to seven Maryland counties. It is licensed, accredited, and Medicare/Medicaid certified.

All patient rooms are private with room for a parent to spend the night. And while the facility is new, it opens with a pediatric staff with deep experience in pediatric end–of–life care. Dr, Bob’s specialty is effective pain and symptom management to achieve maximum comfort.

The new hospice has relationships with all Medicaid MCO’s and private and commercial carriers.

You are all invited to tour the facility. You can come in person or check out its website:

For further information, contact Janet Will, RN, MS, Director, or Bianca Box, Executive Assistant, at the address above, or at 410-523-1414, or by email to

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